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Monday, January 24, 2011

Whew Doggies It's Been a Long Time Since My Last Post

Custom made French tab tied valances $28 each. They look fantastic tied half way down on kitchen windows. The design was taken from linens my lovely friend Chris brought back from Provence.
Set of Frenchy shabby chairs. $40 for the pair.

Beautifully upholstere Bergere chair done in a Covington linen cotton blend in French gray. $160.

No, the Mink in A Touch of Mink has not fallen off the planet. Just recovering from the holidays and a revamping of my personal items. I've decided to attack 2011 with finishing up all the little projects that have been laying around half finished. My goal is to not start a new one until the old one is complete! I think I can stick with it. Here's hoping!
Nearly all of the beautiful cotton boll products I featured before the holidays have sold. They were a big hit and I love mine so much I still have them on my front door and think I'll keep them there year round.
I'll be taking pictures of some of my projects around here soon which will include hand painted cloud murals on my daugther's bedroom ceiling. A draw bridge shelf in my son's room and a completey new designed dining room. Until then, here are a few items I currently have for sale.