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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Louis XVI Chairs and Experimenting with Gray Wash


I received the nicest e-mail from a lovely woman named Lauren who had these 3 oval back Louis XVI style chairs she needed to place in a new home. It just so happened I had 1 at home that matches to make a complete set of 4. I think I'll paint them gray and upholster them in linen. Thank you Lauren! They will be coming with me to the Clayson Flea Market in Yakima in August and I'm sure they will be a big hit!

This table had great lines and a beautiful vintage aged wood to it. I wanted to achieve that driftwood weathered appearance with it so I mixed a wash of Brooke Trout (Martha Stewart) and water 50/50 and painted it on. Then I ragged it off. The result was terrific! It's off to it's new home with Karlene today. Enjoy it in good health Karlene!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Life For Grandpa's Desk

This little desk is the only piece of furniture I have from my maternal grandfather. Yet, as much as I love being the keeper of this heirloom, it has moved from room to room never really fitting in with any of my things. A bit patrician. And a bit dark with it's mahogany stain. It even had a few lonely years living in the attic when I just gave up trying to make it fit. Finally, I decided, though wondering if it was somehow a sin, to paint it. I thought to myself, what good is it doing anyone if it's not being used and enjoyed? So I mixed up a nice putty gray and painted that baby! Then I started painting some gold peacocks on it. I ordered some great French brass ormolu fittings for it which will really bump it up a notch and some new handles too. Though the fittings haven't arrived yet and it's not finished, I thought I'd share it with you, as I was inspired to use it as my new bar! I found the adorable gold and daisy liquer glasses at a garage sale this weekend and that was all it took to give new life to grandpa's desk.

I hope my new use of my little desk can possibly inspire you to break out the booz and make yourself your own little party bar! Cheers!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Slate Gray Toile French Chairs----Pretty!!!!


oooo...I kinda want to keep these but I won't. $280 for the pair. I'm off to enjoy some much needed sunshine...ahhhh.....

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trying New Things


I tried something new. I found these chairs. I thought the color and the tufting was beautiful. I painted the legs to compliment the fabric and thought (like I always think) that I would keep them. But as pretty as they were I'm just a Francophile at heart and can't change my addiction to those pretty curvy lines so I posted them on CraigsList. Wow what a response. So many people wanted them and they sold instantly. I guess I had no idea that this type of chair was so popular. Live and learn.