Vintage French and Equestrian Style

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Amazing Trip To Charleston

My friend Chris and I saw some of the most beautiful historic homes. So tastefully done in so many ways. We did the Historic Homes tour where we got to go inside several family homes dating back to the 17 and 1800's. And the was everywhere and so beautiful. Definitely need to go back.

Rats, didn't snag them...

Oh well-didn't snag the chairs I was so hoping I would. But today is another day. It's a good day to go junking. Who knows what I will find. Have a good one! Kiama

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oooooo....these are going to be good!

I pulled this picture off the web to give you an idea of a set of chairs I think I just bought. 6 fabulous chairs for the shop! Hooray! Two armchairs and 4 side chairs in the set. French, carved, cane backs. They will look fabulous, painted with some kind of beautiful (toile?) fabric on them. I'll find out tomorrow if they are indeed mine for the taking. Then of course, they can be yours at a crazy good price! Wish me luck!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Up and Running on Etsy

I'm happy to say that Touch of Mink is up and running on Etsy now. I've started with just a few listings of my burlap pillows, dog beds and a few chairs but will be adding more in the coming days. Just click on the link on the left of my blog and it will take your right there. If there is something you have seen from my blog but is not listed just let me know and I will post it to Etsy for you. In the mean time, I've posted a few pictures of the dog beds and a wonderful black and cream toile duvet that just came into the store plus some photos from around my home to hopefully get us in the mood for an inspiring spring. Hope you like them! Kiama

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Touch of Mink Comes to Etsy

First off I must thank my new friend Melaine for mentioning Touch of Mink on her beautiful blog "My Sweet Savannah." She took such great pictures of my booth that I'm now using them as wallpaper for my blog and for my new Etsy store. Thank you Melaine!

Speaking of Etsy, I'm happy to say I've decided to start selling a few of my things on Etsy for those of who live far away. I've already started by posting a few French chairs and by the end of this weekend I should have some of my pillows and dog beds posted as well. The name of the store on Etsy is touchofmink (all one word with no "a" in front) if you'd like to take a peak. I'll also soon post a link on my blog so you can always find it easily. Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dog Beds Are Here and What the Heck are Cotton Boll Wreaths?

For those of you who have asked, the dog beds are coming to Touch of Mink Monday morning. I hope you like them! Tater is still enjoying his.

Now, I have to share with you the neatest find ever! I was in South Carolina last week and happened upon the most beautiful wreaths made out of hand picked cotton and leaves. They were so simple and beautiful. The museum in this small town where we discovered them was nice enough to get me in touch with the lady who makes them and she is going to make them exclusivley for Touch of Mink and ship them to us. I know you are going to love them! They are truly Southern in every way and just so beautiful. I have posted a picture of one I found on the web but it doesn't even compare to the ones I'll be getting. But at least it gives you a little idea of what they look like. I will also be getting little cotton and burlap angels, tiny bales of cotton wrapped in burlap and cotton centerpieces. I can't wait! Have a great week! Kiama

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Back Stock Blow Out

We just came home from the most fabulous trip to West Virginia and South Carolina. I have many new treasures I have found and I can't wait to get them into the shop. My favorite find are these wonderful cotton boll wreaths a lady in South Carolina makes on her farm. They are so simple and charming and definitely a true southern tradition. They are made with hand picked cotton boll straight off the farm with leaves and twigs. So natural and beautiful. I am getting several of them shipped to me and I can't wait to show you! I guarantee everyone will ask you where you got them and no one around here will have them. Yippee!

In the mean time, I want to blow out some of my back stock. I've got 3 sets of French chairs to sell. The French louis style armchairs are perfect and are $125 for the pair. The armless version is $115 for the pair. The cane back French chairs are $115. They are very well made and heavy with a charming sage green and pale blue upholstery. I'm selling these out of my home to make room in my storage for more treasures. Just e-mail me if you'd like to stop by and take a look. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Equestrian Style

When I think of classic equestrian style I think, of course, of Ralph Lauren. If I search further back I think of the classic British motifs of fox hunting paintings, plaids, classic hunt colors and extremely conservative sedate tones. As much as I appreciate the total package lifestyle look that Lauren has given us and the classic-never can go wrong- British hunt club look-they sometimes miss the mark for me. Horses are a huge part of my life and my home. I can see my horses from my kitchen window and I can hear their whinnies in my bedroom if I'm late with their breakfast. I see traces of mud constantly throughout my home from my numerous treks to and from the barn all day, and for me it is a happy sight. But my style is definitely more whimsical and relaxed than what Lauren offers for home and fashion. So slowly through the years I have put my own spin on equestrian style- mixing it with vintage and French inspiration and primitve as well. Pictured here are samples of some of the goodies currently at Touch of Mink. Any of these goods can be mixed with a more classic equestrian style or a more whimsical style to capture your love of the equestrian life. I hope you enjoy them!
Burlap and Silk Lampshade with Fox Pendant-$12.95
Maison French Country bench-$64 -SOLD
French Equestrian Burlap Pillow with Silk Bow and Brooch-$12.95

Friday, April 2, 2010

100% Organic Fair Trade Dog Pillows?

Yep, you read that right. I have ventured into the world of dog beds. I made this dog pillow/bed from a coffee bean bag. The font is really cool, though you can't see it under Tater. The letters are in black and among other things it says New York on it-so cool. I stuffed it with this great product called coffee bean chaff. It is the husk of the bean that is shed during the roasting process. Therfore, it is totally chemical free, and sterile. What's neat about it, is it's so light, yet it is solid enough to form to your dogs body and give him some support. Tater loves his! A whole bunch will be coming to the store in the next few weeks. They also make great floor cushions. They are priced at $21.