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Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Home-The Formal Living Room

Here's a little peak at my house. When you get to the bottom you can read a bit about why I'm blogging on this and how I brought this room together. Hope you like it! :)
A portrait of my maternal Grandfather sits above the fireplace.

Note the settee/sofa is placed on the wall, instead of across from the focal point, which seems to work for some unknown reason.

The demi-lune is actually a French table I got at Goodwill for $5. I painted it, sawed it and attached it the wall with L brackets. Voila! A demi-lune.

Tater likes the cushy down pillows on the settee. This wall is huge and I'm slowly filling it with sconces and my collection of transferware and neoclassic statues and vases.

The dried hydrangae set the color palette for the entire house, as does the collection of blue coral and Wedgewood below.

The urn is filled with antler sheds and branches from our yard.

The little gray French desk with ormolu mounts is one of my favorite pieces and sits on the wall opposite the settee. Are those Christmas presents sneaking their way in the room?

My fave striped Bergere chairs sit regally in front of the fireplace.

Happy Holidays Everyone! I've been taking some much needed down time and I've cleared out nearly everything from my 2011 inventory to make room for a fresh start in 2012. I've decided to slow down and really enjoy this wonderful holiday time. I've also decided to blog a bit about my own home. I've never really done much blogging about my own digs before because I've always thought "oh who wants to see pictures of my house?" Then I thought, since I sell out of my home and so many people ask me about my finds, maybe I'll jump into a little blogging about it and hope you don't think it self absorbed of me.

I'm starting with my living room. This has been the toughest room in the house as it is not a traditional box shape and the focal point-the fireplace and large windows, sit opposite the opening so it is difficult to anchor the room. Plus, it's the first room you see when you are in my entry so I wanted it to be really striking. It's taken me 6 years to figure this out, but finally I have it working. Nearly EVERYTHING in this room I bought on CraigsList and it's wonderful quality furniture. I did this entire room for under $1,000. The most expensive thing in the room is the Evette Ethan Allen settee, but I hardly paid a dime for it. The gal I bought it from, bought it new but then moved, so never used it. I was the lucky customer who benefited from her move! Yipee! Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know that you don't have to go to these pricey stores and pay a fortune for these items new. You can do this too!

The box style cream Bergere chairs are $1,700 each brand new at Calico Corners. I found them for next to nothing in perfect unused condition. They are big and comfy and fit my husband just great. My last addition, and the pieces that finish the room are the striped Bergere chairs in front of the fireplace. They are just pretty.

The only thing that is left to do in this room is the flooring. I would love this room to have a marble floor or even just hardwoods. Now I know THAT won't be under 1,000 so we will have to wait. The carpet is really throwing me off though. But I'm happy for now and we are enjoying building fires on these cold nights and relaxing in this room. I hope you enjoy the photo tour. Blessings, Kiama


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    My Home-The Formal Living Room
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  2. I just found your page and LOVE your living room!! I have a question..I have the same Ethen Allen sofa and I recently had it recovered in a light fabric. I'm not sure now as the wood is too dark now. It looks in the pictures that your sofa's wood has been painted and/or glazed and I love the softer look. Did you do this yourself? If so, how did you get the look? Thank you!